Over the 2012-2013 science year I have learned many things I didn't know of before. I"ve learned about rocks cycle, rocks and minerals, rock groups, more about the periodic table and more. The part I like most about science has to be when we do experiments in class. The experiments are my favorite part because I get to work with new people and receive my own data. Although I really enjoy data collecting my least favorite part about science is receiving data for labs.

Skills & Efforts- (Ability to complete assignments in class):
4, about 90% of the time I get my work done and use my time wisely. Although the other ten percent I get distracted and am not 100% focused on what we were supposed to be doing.

Class time effort & Positive contributions to group discussion:
4, I'm almost always on task and I make good use of class time that I'm given to work on a project or assessment. I always listen in on the class discussion about reading or a 60 second science but I don't always raise my hand to give my opinion when I have the chance to do so.

Ability to work with others in class:
5, all the projects I have worked on or am working on I have worked with the members in my group and always contributed my share.

Things I want to improve on:
4, I want to work on studying for tests more. Over this year I have done mediocre in science class until the 3rd quarter when I really studied hard for the tests and worked hard, which is the reason I have an A.

Things I've done well this year:
4, There are many things that I've done well in the 2012-2013 school year so far. I've done ok on projects and some tests but something I would like to change is doing good on all my tests.